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Targets & Specialization

Objectives of FAHR

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) aims at developing Human Resources in the UAE Federal Government Sector based on modern concepts and best internationally recognized practices and standards in the field of Human Resources Management.

Specialization of FAHR

FAHR undertakes the following powers and general responsibilities in relation to Human Resources Management and in order to achieve its objectives, FAHR may particularly carry out the following:

  1. Consider and propose policies and legislations related to Human Resources at the level of Federal Government.
  2. Manage the system of employee performance and Federal Government training and development system.
  3. Consider objections to decisions rendered by the Complaint Committee in accordance with the law and regulations.
  4. Support the Government Sector in proper implementation of legislation relating to Human Resources.
  5. Ensure that the ministries and other federal entities comply with the provisions of the Human Resources Law, its implementing regulations and other supplementary rules and legislations.
  6. Coordinate with the Government Sector regarding the financial and administrative effects brought about by restructuring.
  7. Support the concepts of organizational culture which focus on encouraging skills and encourage distinguished proposals and ideas.
  8. Follow up the implementation of the code of professional conduct principles and ethics of the public job.
  9. Develop training policies to ensure that qualified and trained Human Resources, especially the citizens, are maintained.
  10. Develop a full-fledged system for digital Human Resources to ensure that complete data about Human Resources in the Government Sector are available and to contribute towards the support of decision making.
  11. Build partnerships with local, regional and international agencies, institutions and organizations concerned with Human Resources with the aim of recognizing their experience and implement their best practices.
  12. Implement a workforce planning system in the Federal Government.
  13.  Propose holidays and public holidays as per provisions of the law and resolutions of the Cabinet.
  14.  Any other specializations entrusted by the Cabinet.