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Inquiry about HR legislations


The service is concerned with finding legal solutions to the problems encountered in the practical application of the Human Resources Law and its executive regulations and the articles and decisions that are complementing them

All Categories of customers + government + local + personal level

Sub - Service


Attach the necessary needed documents including:

( Subject / Case, Customer Name, Organization, Email address , nationality).

FAHR Website:

  1. Enter FAHR website, select FAHR’s services
  2. Click on (Start Service)
  3. Add your question or case in related to HR Law & its Executive Regulations
  4. Fill out the form by entering all required data accurately
  5. Click on (Send)
  6. Notification email will be sentto the customeras a receipt of the application/case

Internal Process:

  1. Receive the request through the legal email address
  2. Review the request by the legal team
  3. Approve the reply by the Sr. Management
  4. Send the final approved replyto the

Click here to view the Legal Advice request form. Please fill up the form and submit requested documents. All the consulting requests and questions will be received through the website by the Legal Consulting Team at the Authority. The team will respond to requests after consultation, legal consensus, and formal approval, within 15 working dayes maximum.

Through Customer Happiness System (CRM):

Conditions for obtaining the service:

  • Service available to all (government, personal)

Steps to obtain the service:

  1. Login to FAHR Website main page.
  2. Then click on the eServices icon
  3. Click on legal advice.
  4. Click to inquire about human resources legislation.
  5. Enter username and PIN (for Bayanati User).
  6. Or register if the applicant (not Bayanati User).
  7. Respond to the customer through customer happiness system.

FAHR Smart Application:

  • Download FAHR smart application from smart phone stores
  • Choose the legal services
  • Fill out the form
  • Send a notification receipt email to the customer

Service Classification


Service Priority


Service Mandatory


Average time to obtain the service

5 working days: Repeated inquires

15 working days: New inquires


English & Arabic

No. of Service Surfers / Users

Service Surfers : 4638

Actual Service Users : 8653

Communication Channels

Call Center : 600525524
Phone Inquiry Timing :7.30 am – 2.30 pm
Customer Happiness System (CRM)
FAHR Smart App
Live Chat

Service Rating