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Organizational structures review and approval request


Review the organizational structures below departments “sections” and approval by the federal committee for jobs evaluation and description

HR departments at the federal government entities



To register:

-  The user should be Federal Government or Autonomous Authorities employee

-  User should be registered in bayanati

-  User name should be activated by the HR department of the entity

To use the system by the Customer:

-  Enter user name and Password

-  Determine the type of Self-service requested

-  Explain the issue or problem

Send the support application

Organizational Charts Approval Process

Service Classification


Service Priority


Service Mandatory


Average time to obtain the service

5 days

7:30 am to 14:30 pm



No. of Service Surfers / Users

Service Surfers : 2087

Communication Channels

  1. Official letter
  2. Customer Happiness System (CRM)



Service Rating