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Cabinet Resolutions

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Resolutions Number Description Size PDF
18 Cabinet Resolution No (2/4 C) of 2019, concerning adjustment of status for employees who obtained university qualifications while working in the Federal Government 519KBDownload
17Cabinet Resolution No (24) of 2017 for amending certain provisions of Cabinet Resolution No (12) of 2012 endorsing Performance Management System for Federal Government employees158KBDownload
16Cabinet Resolution No. (33/2015) amending some provisions of the Council of Ministers’ Resolution No.(17/2011) Determining Maximum Limit of Financial Benefits for Special Contracts 294KBDownload
15Cabinet Resolution No.(18) of 2015, endorsing the Rewards and Incentives System for Federal Government employees. 585KBDownload
14Cabinet Resolution No. (221/9 &/1) for 2015 Session No. (9) 373KBDownload
13Cabinet Resolution No. (23) for the Year 2012, Endorsing Salary Scales in Federal Government 367KBDownload
12Cabinet Resolution of Ministerial Services Council No. (176/13KH/4) for 2012 Session No. (13)278KBDownload
11Cabinet Resolution No. (17/2011) Determining Maximum Ceiling of Financial and in Kind Benefits for Special Contracts. 298KBDownload
10Cabinet Resolution No. (33/2010) Amending some of the provisions of the Council of Ministers’ Resolution No. 6/1981 concerning employees social allowance for children. 378KBDownload
09Cabinet Resolution No. (44) For 2009 Concerning financial allocations for retired military personnel appointed in the position of “Inspector” in the Federal Government 373KBDownload