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FAHR launches an updated version of the Guide to HR policies and procedures

Sunday August 01, 2021

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), recently launched the updated version of the Guide to Human Resources Policies & Procedures in the Federal Government, which was launched for the first time in 2014. The Guide is considered as an important reference for the policies and procedures set to support stakeholders and HR professionals implementing HR legislation, regulations and programs approved at the Federal Government level.

In this regard, HE Aisha Khalifa Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of Human Resources Policies Sector at the Authority, explained that the launch of the updated version of the Guide is part of a series of tireless efforts made by the Authority to raise awareness among the ministries and federal entities about the HR policies, legislation and procedures applied at the Federal Government level, to ensure the optimal implementation.

She said: “Updating the Guide reflects the Authority's keenness to periodically review the HR policies, legislation, systems and manuals approved in the Federal Government, as well as its interest in clarifying and simplifying HR procedures implemented by employees and officials of HR departments in ministries and federal entities, via the Federal Government's HR Management Information System ‘Bayanati’ and other electronic  systems under its umbrella.

“On the other hand, the Guide is aimed at regulating the relationship between employees and the administration or the federal entity, as it constitutes an important reference for HR departments while implementing human resources legislation and policies at the Federal Government level, and improving the efficiency of these departments in various ministries and federal entities."

"What distinguishes the Guide”, HE Aisha Khalifa Al Suwaidi continued,  “is that it translates policies and procedures into an integrated system that links and regulates all HR systems implemented in the Federal Government, and sets a flexible framework that defines priorities, organizes operations and coordinates procedures. The aim to eliminate overlap and duplication of HR   management efforts and responsibilities at various departments and unit across the Federal Government.”

The Executive Director of HR Policies Sector praised the Guide as a tool that  enables officials and employees of HR departments in the ministries and federal entities to properly implement the HR legislation and systems as per  the Human Resources Law in the Federal Government and its executive regulations. She also pointed to its key role in enhancing the work system in the ministries and federal entities, and improving the performance of HR  departments, by allowing them to focus on the entities' strategic initiatives.

For his part, Hamad Bu Ameem, Director of Policies and Legal Affairs Department stated that the Guide to Human Resources Policies & Procedures in the Federal Government provides, a detailed description of the policies  and procedures implemented as part of the basic HR processes and the mechanisms related to coordination and quality assurance. “All ministries and federal entities should follow such policies and procedures in order to perform in a manner that meets the aspirations of the UAE’s wise leadership|, he said.

He added: “The Authority is in the process of holding 3 virtual awareness workshops for officials and employees of the human resources and legal affairs departments in the Federal Government, to explain the details of the Guide and its working mechanisms, and to review the key of its updated version.”

Asia Al Balushi, Head of Policies and Research Department, explained that the Authority provides its various services to all Federal Government employees and customers through a set of smart and electronic channels, including: "Bayanati" System, the Smart App. (FAHR), Customer Happiness System, and the Virtual Assistant for the Authority's Customers “Hamad".  All these services can be accessed at any time, and from anywhere in the world, Al Balushi said.

She further explained that the Authority provides many valuable services to Federal Government employees, including those related to legal advice and performing their own HR transactions through "Bayanati" system, without the need to refer to their HR departments. According to her, the Guide allows them to perform their tasks easily and comfortably, which helps them in providing quality services and also contributes to creating a strong legal culture about these systems and legislation, as well as increasing employee  loyalty and happiness the Federal Government level.

The Guide to Human Resources Policies & Procedures in the Federal Government is available on the Authority’s website under the list of guidelines & manuals: https://cutt.us/zcLVo.

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