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FAHR focuses on Human Aspects of Innovation

Wednesday February 13, 2019

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has organized a series of events and activities for its employees during the UAE Innovation Month, which was launched under then directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, under the slogan “Innovation Starts with You”.

FAHR held an interactive session for its employees entitled "The Human Aspects of Innovation," during which Mr. Sherif Bajo, Director General, Innovation Point Consulting, spoke about the relationship between innovation and employee happiness, and the impact of artificial intelligence on current and future careers. He stressed that jobs that need creativity and innovation will not be significantly influenced by changing global developments in the fields of artificial intelligence and technological revolution.

He said: “A leader can play an important role in enhancing his organization’s leadership and competitiveness, act as a role model for his employees and inspire them to give their best performance. He must set his own personal and professional priorities and should have a clear vision, intelligent and effective goals to the organization, and an action plan to achieve these goals. The leader should also pay utmost attention to occupational health and safety, as it has a significant impact on employees’ productivity and workplace happiness”.

The Authority also held another session in cooperation with Microsoft and BrainWire, where employees learned about the latest artificial intelligence technologies applied by the world's leading organizations in managing attendance in the workplace, using facial recognition technology to analyse emotions and age levels.

During the session, a live experiment was conducted to demonstrate using happiness meter to measure happiness levels and employee satisfaction. The meter employs a smart camera equipped with the latest artificial intelligence technology, and through computer vision and facial expression analysis, the level of employee satisfaction is measured immediately and accurately.

In another event entitled "Innovation Using Lego Techniques", employees have learned about the mechanism of innovation using the Lego methodology, which is now used in the world's largest companies and institutions, based on the ability of imagination, transforming abstract ideas and intangible objects into three-dimensional development.

The Authority also held a Creativity Measurement Lab. aimed at enabling employees to measure their creative abilities and to stimulate creativity and innovation to achieve the institution's vision and strategic objectives and contribute to creating a positive and innovative work environment.

Another training session titled Land of Innovation with illustrated Books, was attended by a number of employees working for ministries and federal bodis. Participants were introduced to the four types of business innovations: Incremental Innovation, which utilizes your existing technology and increases value to the customer (features, design changes, etc.) within your existing market. Service Innovation, which focuses on the service provided to customers through creating an innovative interactive communication channel with them, and "innovating a business model".  The idea is ​​creating or reinventing the already existing business. The fourth type "Cost Saving Innovation" and can be summarized in doing more using less resources.

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