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BAYANATI links Federal Government employees’ sick leaves automatically with Abu Dhabi Healthcare System

Sunday April 14, 2019

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) announced that it has recently activated the electronic connection of sick leaves for employees of ministries and federal entities implementing the Federal Government's HR Management Information System (BAYANATI), with Abu Dhabi Department of Health through the Authority’s Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

HE Laila Obaid Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of Program & HR Planning said that the Authority and Department of Health in Abu Dhabi have recently launched an electronic link between BAYANATI system and the electronic sick leaves system of Abu Dhabi Department of Health. The sick leaves will be entered into the system automatically immediately after their issuance and ratification by Abu Dhabi Department of Health’s electronic system, she explained.


Al Suwaidi further explained: “There will be no human intervention by the employee, only the national identity number will be matched with the employee’s name to verify the identity of the patient, and the sick leave will be approved through BAYANATI System according to the procedure followed by each entity.


“This project is a continuation of the efforts made by the Authority for more than a year to connect BAYANATI System with those in other entities issuing  sick leave certificates in the country. In early 2018 the Authority developed a mechanism to link BAYANATI with private hospitals affiliated to Ministry of Health & Prevention through “Warid” system, in order to enter sick leaves of entities operating BAYANATI automatically in the system immediately after issuance and ratification by Warid system".


She said that at the beginning of the second quarter of 2018, the Authority succeeded in launching an electronic connectivity project between BAYANATI on one hand, and Salama and Shiryan systems of Dubai Health Authority (DHA) on the other. The project aimed at entering sick leaves of employees at the ministries and federal bodies operating BAYANATI automatically in the system once they are issued and ratified by "Salama" and ‘’Shiryan’’ systems, which deal with DHA hospitals and clinics, and private hospitals and clinics operating under the umbrella of DHA, respectively.


Speeding up Sick leave Applications


Shaimaa Al-Awadhi, Director of HR Information System, said:“The new mechanism for automating sick leaves will benefit 42 ministries and federal entities with 62,000 employees. It will also reduce the number of steps required to produce sick leaves via BAYANATI system from 6 steps to only 3, which will greatly speed up and simplify procedures, and ensure accuracy, as well as help preserve the environment and eliminate illegal practices, such as attaching uncertified leaves.”


She stressed the importance of BAYANATI system as a strategic and vial  project that contributes to enhancing the UAE’s strategic position and global  competitiveness, as well as acting as a reference and major source of data, statistics and HR indicators in the Federal Government, by helping in automation of all HR procedures including salaries, converting them to self-service, which saves time, effort, money and human resources. 

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