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FAHR conducted 42 specialized HR researches and studies in 2018

Tuesday March 19, 2019

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has announced that it has prepared 42 specialized studies and research papers on HR regulations, policies and legislation applied in the Federal Government, as well as conducting surveys on the future of the UAE labor market in the government sector, its skill requirements and demographic characteristics of future workforce in the Federal Government.

In this regard, HE Aisha Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of Human Resources Policies Sector, said: “The Authority has made every effort to establish a modern and integrated human resources management system in the Federal Government according to the best international practices.  This can be clearly seen by the multiple studies conducted during the past period ro reflect the status of human resources policies, legislation and regulations applied in the Federal Government, with a view to explore the future of human capital and to meet the requirements of the future labor market in the country to keep pace with global developments.”


She added that the Authority intensified its research efforts during 2018, where the research team prepared 42 specialized studies on government human resources. These studies, she revealed, addressed the following topics at the Federal Government level: productivity and efficiency, introduction to preparation of continuous learning strategy, criteria for proper implementation of HR regulations and systems , updating grades and salaries scales, efficiency of the Federal Government organizational structures, study of the postgraduate studies allowance for the federal government employees, study of the criteria for determining the grades for leadership positions in the federal government, and study on the efficiency of labor force in the federal government.


She added: “Other research prepared by the Authority during the year 2018 include studies on: amendment of contracts of experts and advisers, gender balance in the federal government, federal government employees wellness program , succession planning and a study on adjustment of the status of employees with university qualifications, amendment of performance management system for federal government employees, and behavioural competency framework in the federal government.


“The Authority also prepared a comparative study on human resources legislation in the UAE government, another comparative study on electronic human resources systems, a study on the mechanism for measuring HR  development and one on disability friendly work environment in the federal government”.


Executive Director of HR Policies noted that the Federal Government's continuous learning strategy study aims to: develop a general framework for the future skills and qualifications for federal government employees, in line with the UAE government's approach to empowering government talent and human resources, enhancing their efficiency, and increasing the effectiveness of their roles.


With regard to the study on Employee Wellness Program in the federal government, Aisha Al Suwaidi said that the Authority aims to help the entities to design and implement programs and initiatives that will contribute to achieving its strategic objectives by ensuring employee well-being, happiness   and workplace harmony.


The study showed that employee wellness programs has a profound and direct impact on enhancing the positive feelings of employees, as well as their performance, human relations and their professional and personal development in the work environment. She also stressed its importance in reducing absenteeism and employee turnover, and increasing talent attraction, retention and institutional loyalty.


Al Suwaidi pointed out that the Authority has completed a study to adjust the status of employees who are appointed with secondary certificate and   obtained university qualifications during service in the federal government,    covering all civil servants listed in the HR Management Information System (BAYANATI).


Over the past year, the Authority developed an updated version of Behavioral Competency Framework in the federal government that helps employees to understand, develop and acquire the skills and abilities that enable them to effectively perform their functions, manage their professional progress and benefit from their potential, as the framework include the competencies required by employees regardless of their employment levels.


The updated Behavioral Competency Framework was prepared based on the UAE Model for Government Leadership adopted by the Council of Ministers in late 2018, which is based on three pillars, including leadership spirit, future outlook, accomplishment and influence. Each pillar consists of a set of criteria which, combined constitute a realistic picture of the leadership model.


The Executive Director of the Human Resources Policy Sector at the Authority indicated that the Authority has also prepared a mechanism to measure  human resources maturity, to suit the federal entities’ nature of work, according to a clear scientific methodology based on relevant human resources data in BAYANATI System, and other associated systems. Measurement of human resource maturity is based on four main pillars: efficient recruitment policy, development, engagement, and governance.


She further explained that the Authority is constantly seeking to update HR policies, legislation and systems in place at the Federal Government level, including Performance Management System for federal government employees. A study on modernization of the system have been prepared in consultation with relevant federal ministries and bodies, as well as other  beneficiaries; in order to improve the federal government employees competencies and upgrade government action to reach internationally advanced levels. The study was submitted to the Council of Ministers for  necessary action.


HE Aisha Al Suwaid said that the Authority completed during 2018 the study on succession planning in the federal government. “Succession planning is defined as an organized process aimed at continuity of leadership in key positions targeted in the entities. This is done through the development of existing individuals as per the competencies required in the future, so as to support the entities in performing their basic roles effectively.

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