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Efficiency evaluation for 5000 Federal Government candidates electronically using “Employability Efficiency Enhancement Project”

Sunday October 21, 2018

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has announced that the efficiency of 5000 candidates nominated for Federal Government jobs have been evaluated electronically using “Employability Efficiency Enhancement Project” since the launch of the strategic and vital project last April under the umbrella of HR Management Information System in the Federal Government "BAYANATI".

In this context, HE Laila Al-Suwaidi, Executive Director of Programs &  Human Resources Planning, said that the new electronic project has contributed significantly to improving the work system in the Federal Government by automating evaluation of candidates’ nominated to take up vacancies in the Federal Government, in addition to its many benefits to the ministries and federal entities, in terms of meeting the requirements of Emiratization in those entities and allowing the opportunity to follow up in a timely manner according to plans adopted by the Council of Ministers.

She pointed out that the project launched by the Authority under the umbrella of "BAYANATI" system is currently operational in all the federal bodies implementing the system, stressing that the project greatly enhances capabilities of the federal entities in attracting talent, and increases employability efficiency through the activation of Job Evaluation & Description System applied at the Federal Government level.

Laila Al-Suwaidi stressed that Employability Efficiency Enhancement Project in the Federal Government will not have any operational burdens or additional tasks for employees in the ministries and federal bodies, indicating that the idea of ​​the project is to ensure in electronic form the suitability of candidates for vacant positions in the Federal Government. The project, she added, identies a set of criteria and requirements that must be met by applicants for different types of jobs, including: academic qualification, previous experience, responsibilities, etc, with a weight for each of these criteria.

She said: “The mechanism of work of the project requires human resources departments in the ministries and federal bodies to enter data of candidates and requirements for the job electronically in the electronic system of the project through "BAYANATI" System, along with the certificates and documents of the candidate, for the system to match the inputs with the requirements and criteria of the specific job and job description, and then determine the most appropriate candidates for each from among those who get 80% or more according to the criteria.”

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