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FAHR celebrates International Day of Happiness

Thursday March 21, 2019

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) celebrated the International Day of Happiness which falls on 20 March every year. A ceremony was organized for FAHR employees at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which included a series of recreational, educational and health events, as well as interactive competitions.

Ali Ahli, Director of Human Resources and Services Department, CEO of Happiness and Positivity in the Work Environment, said: "The UAE is globally renowned for promoting happiness, optimism, prosperity and quality of life, thanks to the efforts of our wise leadership seeking to make citizens, residents and visitors happy, by providing them with the means of a decent life. So, happiness has become a way of life in the country and an integral part of everyday life of its people.


“The UAE has made significant strides in establishing happiness and positive work environment by launching various innovative initiatives that enhance  employee well-being, workplace harmony and increase their happiness, which can positively reflect on their productivity and gives them greater incentive to work hard. Happiness will thus motivate them to render excellent services to the customers, other stakeholders and all categories and segments of society”.


Ali Ahli added that celebration of the International Day of Happiness featured   educational lectures, recreational activities and various medical tests. He explained that the event is being celebrated as part of a series of awareness campaigns and activities organized by the Authority periodically for its employees under Employee Wellness Program launched in 2013, consisting of four initiatives, each of which includes a range of activities and projects: health initiatives, occupational safety initiatives, green environment initiatives and social initiatives.


He said out that the Wellness Program was launched to reflect the Authority's keenness and is aimed at enhancing and improving the mental and physical health of employees. It is essential in the development of their behavioural competence, performance and productivity, as well as improving their motivation to work, reflecting positively on workplace happiness, and institutional loyalty”, she noted.

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