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FAHR launches a program leading to professional certificate in human resources, in cooperation with the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)

Sunday June 21, 2020

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has announced the launch of a specialized training program, leading to professional certificate (SHRM -CP), for human resources officials in the Federal Government, with the aim of developing the Federal Government employees’ skills and their professional and technical competencies. The program will be held in partnership with the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), USA, in the framework of the existing cooperation between the Authority and SHRM and according to the memorandum of understanding signed recently between the two parties.

 In this regard, the Authority clarified that the training program aims primarily to enhance the capabilities of Federal Government employees, and upgrade the efficiency and competitiveness of HR departments in ministries and federal entities to global standards as their counterparts in the world, and enable them to obtain internationally recognized professional qualifications.

 This integrated training program aims to achieve the maximum benefit from the modern digital training system for continuous   learning. It is also aimed at motivating HR personnel to improve their specialized skills and competencies, develop their knowledge of human resources management issues, including the development of government work system, and creating a dynamic work environment that attracts talents in light of developments in government human capital management in the post-COVED- 19 phase.

 The training program is considered highly important as it leads to a professional certificate that enjoys global reputation in human resource field. It is conducted in partnership with SHRM, one of the world’s most prominent organizations concerned with human resource capital management, using self-learning techniques, online training and tests.

 SHRM program will focus on training HR officials in the Federal Government to obtain a professional certificate in Human Resources (SHRM-CP), and includes a number of virtual specialized workshops in English language, using webinar technologies. Trainees must complete 66 training hours during the period July to December 2020 to complete the requirements of the final tests which qualify for the certificate.

 The Authority has emphasized that the training workshops under the program would be in an interactive, virtual way, to reflect keenness to protect the health and safety of Federal Government employees, especially in light of the current conditions the world is witnessing, due to Coronavirus (Covid -19) outbreak, and to provide the opportunity for the largest number of human resources officials in the ministries and federal bodies to participate in this important program.

 The Authority considered this program tailored for human resources officials in the Federal Government as part of the integrated training and development system, and as continuation to the series of vital initiatives launched by the Authority in order to develop Federal Government employees and enhance their skills and competencies. It also highly beneficial in terms of keeping pace with UAE Government’s directions towards modern best practices that have been developed globally to improve the performance of HR  departments and professionals.

 According to the Authority, the professional certificate (SHRM-CP) in human resources is based on several pillars for the development of core competencies in human resources. These include strategic HR planning; electronic management of HR systems; developing HR systems, policies & programs; continuous education, training and development; knowledge of organizational structures in entities; and professional & future competencies in HR.

 The Authority explained that the program focuses on developing the competence of HR officials according to an educational methodology based on the integration of different types of knowledge and methods of learning, as well as a philosophy of training leading to sustainability of learning. It encourages the  development of specialized knowledge and skills in the field of human resources, improve performance and quality of work, and support opportunities for career development and succession.

 Criteria for selecting candidates for SHRM program

 The Authority has announced the opening of nomination for the program implemented by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), which will extend until July 9. The candidates’ eligibility for joining the program in terms of capability and experience will be evaluated according to a set of criteria.  They must have obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration / human resources or any related discipline, proficiency in English language, ability to keep abreast of technological applications for project management and HR tasks, and knowledge of data analysis.

 It should be noted that obtaining SHRM credential will qualify the candidate for membership of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) for two years, and provide the opportunity to participate in networks specialized in human resources. Candidates who successfully complete the program, will also join Government Skills Bank.

 The idea of the Government Skills Bank initiative launched by the Federal Government for Government Human Resources (FAHR) in 2019 is to identify Federal Government employees with special experience and skills, and electronically documenting the findings through the project’s electronic portal (skillsbank.fahr.gov.ae).

The purpose behind creating the Government Skills Bank is to assist and empower federal entities to benefit from the professional knowledge and expertise of specialists in various fields and disciplines related to the Authority’s function, exploit their experience in developing the institutional work system in the Federal Government and establish a knowledge management culture. It acts as an incubator for specialized experts in the ministries and federal entities and all employees working for these entities can join the Bank’s network through the new portal established to facilitate transactions for Bank members.

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