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3 new mechanisms for nomination of Federal Employees under Rewards System

Sunday December 30, 2018

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has introduced three new mechanisms for nomination of employees working with ministries and federal bodies to compete for the awards under Rewards & Incentives system, via the Federal Government's Human Resources Management Information System (BAYANATI).

Ibrahim Fikri, Executive Director of Support Services at the Authority, said: "The Authority has introduced new mechanisms for nomination of employees of the ministries and federal bodies under Rewards & Incentives system for Federal Government employees, in order to recognize the efforts of employees in developing government’s work boost the institutional loyalty’’.

"Line managers can nominate their outstanding employees electronically to win the award, through self-service function within BAYANATI System, he added, pointing out that the Authority has added a function to the system for nominating colleagues, whereby .any employee can nominate his colleague. Moreover, he added that another feature for self-nomination has been introduced to allow the employee to nominate himself for the electronic rewards and incentives system, attaching evidence to prove fulfilment of his tasks and responsibilities, which, he believes, deserve recognition.

Fikri explained that the Authority aims to introduce a unified electronic mechanism for the ministries and federal agencies to enable them to nominate their employees under the various categories of the system, indicating that this step helps to create a working environment that motivates employees and attracts talent.

He stressed that the new system will apply to all employees working in the ministries and federal bodies, who meet the criteria and conditions set for different grades and types of contracts.

A cash bonus will be awarded to outstanding employees who present useful suggestions that contribute to the development of performance or achievement of strategic objectives and improve the work flow and /or generate new ideas that adds value to his workplace.

The Authority has set criteria for granting of cash rewards, as follows:

The employee shall have passed the probationary period successfully and the remuneration amount shall be commensurate with the achievement and performance of the employee, availability of financial allocations, and as per the Suggestions System approved by the ministry or federal entity.  An employee may be granted cash bonus more than once during the year, provided that the total value of such award does not exceed the employee’s two basic salaries.

The cash rewards are divided into categories: "extraordinary employee", "creative employee", "outstanding employee", "social employee", "anonymous soldier", in addition to ‘’service and support employees, and "external partners" .

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