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The UAE Cabinet issues a Resolution on status adjustment of Federal Government employees with university qualifications

Sunday March 31, 2019


The Council of Ministers recently issued a special Resolution on employment adjustment for employees with university qualifications obtained while working in the Federal Government, to be effective from the beginning of April 2019, in accordance with specific conditions.

In this regard, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) issued a a special circular calling on all ministries and federal bodies to adjust employment status of their employees who obtained university degrees during their work, effective from the beginning of April. The Resolution stipulates that the cost of adjustment should be covered from the approved budget of each entity, without requesting any additional funds , and that the adjustment must be effective starting on the date of the decision of the minister or the head of the entity, and shall not be retroactive. The Resolution also requires following the procedures adopted, and obtaining electronic approvals through the Federal Government’s HR Management Information System "BAYANATI".


The Authority expressed its willingness to provide support and assistance to the ministries and federal entities in their efforts to implement the Cabinet Resolution, which stipulated several rules to be followed by the federal bodies when adjusting the status of their employees. These include the following: The employee must have  completed at least one year of service, with the exception of medical staff;  the employee’s last performance appraisal rate should not be less than the Second Level "Meets Expectations", according to Performance Management System adopted in the Federal Government, and he / she must not have been subject to any administrative penalty, unless its legal effect has been cancelled.


Restrictions also include: Obtaining electronic and digital approvals when adjusting status, according to the procedures adopted in BAYANATI System, provided availability of a job vacancy and financial allocation in the entity’s budget, and that the qualifications  required for adjustment must be issued by higher education institution recognized in UAE, and authenticated by the Ministry of Education.


Three cases for Adjustment


The Resolution states three cases of adjustment. First, if the employee has completed higher studies according to written approval of his / her entity as part of his / her planned professional development. In this case, the entity is obliged to change the employee's job grade by choosing the career path that corresponds to the new academic qualification and job evaluation and description system.


The second case is that if the employee completes university studies without the approval of his employer, and if his /her academic qualification meets the needs of the ministry or federal entity, as well as  the nature of the job after change, the entity concerned may adjust his / her status according to the requirements of the work interest, and as per the following conditions: The employee shall have the priority to fill vacant positions in the entity, subject to fulfilment of employment conditions, and the change must cover employee's job grade and transference to fill a vacant position commensurate with his qualifications and experience, as per job evaluation and description system.


The third case of adjustment concerns the employee obtaining a university qualification which is not consistent with the nature of the work of his employer, and in this case the entity may not modify his status.


Status adjustment procedures


Concerning the procedures for adjustment of employee status, the Cabinet Resolution stipulates transferring the employee with a university qualification obtained at work, provided he /she meets the conditions set forth, to a position commensurate with the nature of the academic qualification obtained,. In this case change must include the job tittle, in accordance with the mechanisms of job evaluation and description system, as approved by the Federal Government, and giving the employee the starting salary of the new grade, or salary increase by (10%) of the basic salary of the proposed grade, if his current salary is equal to the beginning of the new position, as per the approved salaries and grades scale .


According to the Resolution, an employee who who has received any type of promotion shall be entitled to status change only after the expiry of the periods specified in promotion rules of the Federal Government's Human Resources Law and its executive regulations. No employee whose position has been modified may be promoted before 12 months of his/her status adjustment.

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