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FAHR launches Ma’aref Fair & Forum events for training & development 2018

Monday November 05, 2018

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) yesterday morning launched the 6th annual Ma’aref Fair and Forum for Training and Development 2018, being organized at Dubai Knowledge Park lasting until November 8th, with the participation of hundreds of employees from Ministries, Federal entities, Local Governments and about 50 participants and training providers listed in Ma’aref Initiative on the preferred training partners in Federal Government, one of FAHR strategic initiative.

In the opening remarks, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Manan Al Awar, General Director of Federal Authority of Human Resources Development explained that the selection of the title “The Modern Technological Revolution in Training and Development” for this year`s session of Ma'aref Fair & Forum for Training & Development, reflects FAHR `s keenness on keeping abreast with the technological revolution and the artificial intelligence techniques in training and development for the changes and the dramatic transformations they have brought about in institutional work and its conventional concepts, to the extent that technology has become an integral part of any organization`s business system and a vital indicator to its dynamic and ability to cope with the latest in this field.

Dr. Al Awar said that the world around us witnesses a great acceleration and enormous transformations in respect of skills and jobs required in future labor market, urging government and private organizations to adopt and introduce innovative training aids and methods capable of keeping abreast with changes looking to the future of human resources in labor market.

He affirmed that FAHR always seeks through its innovative initiatives and projects to cope with trends and developments in the area of promoting government efficiency and empowering human capital through adopting best practices and modern training strategies and methods, indicating that “Ma’aref “forum has become one of the most important specialized training fair at the regional level, and a significant platform bringing together the most prominent exhibitors specialized in areas of human resources, training and development solutions and human capital development.

Dr. Al Awar emphasized on the importance of human resources training and development in providing Ministries and Federal Organizations with qualified human resources capable of achieving the vision and plans of UAE Government, and meeting the ambitions and directives of its wise leadership on the top of which His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State and His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President of the State, and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

20 Specialized training programmes free of charge

  Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Awar said that the forum provides an ideal opportunity for showcasing the latest human resources training and development solutions being one of the most Ma’aref Forum deliverables of Federal Government preferred training partners, stating that the forum is full of modern and innovative training activities and events providing 20 specialized training programmes and courses free of charge supporting Federal and Local Government employees` competencies and skills, and contributing in providing Government Organizations with human capital capable of achieving UAE vision and national agenda.

Dr. Al Awar inspected Ma’aref Forum accompanying fair which brings together about 50 training providers that fall under the umbrella of Ma’aref initiative, to offer their training services to Ministries, Federal entities and Local Government Organizations along with introducing the latest training and assessment techniques and providing Government entities opportunities for direct contact with such service providers.

Dr. Al Awar honored Dubai Knowledge Park for sponsoring and hosting Ma’aref Fair & Forum for Training and Development, the participants in the fair and forum and the training institutions which secured the firs level as part of the classifications of Ma’aref Initiative on Preferred Training Providers for 2017.

Laila Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of Programs & Human Resources Planning maintained that Ma’aref Forum for Training and Development provides a platform for reviewing and discussing the latest techniques and systems for training and developing employees` capabilities and behavioural and professional skills, and an opportunity for meeting experts and specialists in education and training focusing on training at workplace.

Al Suwaidi said: “the forum will be intervened by general and specialized training programmes and courses free of charge supervised by experts in their fields including (Modern Training and Development Technology using intelligent games, Introduction to Training and Development Strategy using Virtual Reality, Basic Concepts in Human Resources Management, Balance Score Card, Performance Excellence and Art of Determining and Analyzing Training needs using Lego Games.)

Various Events on the First Day

Laila Al Suwaidi pointed out that the 1st day of the forum witnessed delivery of a number of specialized workshops and lectures included (a Lecture on Innovative Training Practices, a Lecture on Development of Flexible Culture towards Adoption of Modern Development Tools, and an awareness workshop on Smart Extinguishment), as well as conducting series of cultural sessions including (how to start your project with a modest capital, how to build your brand in UAE, Emotional Intelligence, key of happiness and success), and another session which discussed  artificial intelligence potential threats to human resources, training and development experts.

Innovative Training Practices

From his part, Mr. Brad Bayson, the Executive Director of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) in the Middle East and North Africa delivered a lecture on “Innovative Training Practices - Silicon Valley Theory” through which he discussed the importance of appointment of qualified and curious professionals by organizations who demonstrate interest in developing  their skills and learning   anything new instead of focusing on the recruitment of  experienced and expertise professionals. 

Mr. Bayson emphasized on the importance of an inspired, incentive and transparent working environment for employees taking into consideration best practices and occupational health and safety requirements focusing on developing and sharpening employees` capabilities and talent, and reinforcing their professional experiences and expertise. He advised leaders of organizations to recruit persons specialized in the area of human resources capable of achieving the organization`s vision and strategic objectives so as to enable and motivate its human capital to provide always the best.

Labor Market Skills in 2020

Marco Blankenburge the Founder and Director of Knowledge Work X  highlighted in his lecture titled “Development of Flexible Culture towards Adoption of Modern Development Tools” the most prominent skills on which the demand will increase by 2020 including (complicated problems solution, critical thinking, innovation, management, coordination, emotional intelligence, capability of taking decisions, negotiation skill and knowledge flexibility)., c

Blankenburge explained that the successful leader is the open-minded person to others who loves learning and making use of others` expertise and skills detailing some qualities of the distinguished manager including (directing employees, authorizing and delegating some powers to them along with a margin of freedom for making or to be involved in making  decisions, and his keenness on creating an incentive and inspired working environment for employees as well as to empower and develop their capabilities and competencies, cooperate with them and adopt the principle of teamwork.

Ma’aref Initiative on Preferred Training Partners

Ma’aref Initiative on Preferred Training Partners in Federal Government, which was launched in 2013, is the first of its kind at the Federal Government level where a list of the preferred training providers in UAE has been prepared and made available to Ministries and Federal entities in order to make use of the training programmes at competitive prices.

Ma’aref Initiative aims at establish a partnership based on social responsibility and serving the mutual interests the government and private sectors. Guarantee providing high quality training for around 84,000 employees working in 56 Ministries and Federal entities. Meet the training needs in accordance with the training and development system of the Federal Government employees. Achieve a financial surplus from the training budgets of federal entities, and serve the maximum number of employees. Enhance the competence and productivity of the Federal Government, and create a favourable business environment therein. Assist Federal entities to select training courses online, in accordance with predefined time frames.

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