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FAHR Provides 9000 Legal consultancy Services for Federal Government Employees and the public

Monday November 05, 2018

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) announced that it provided 9000 legal consultancy for employees of federal ministries and entities, local government organizations and the community members on Federal Government applicable human resources policies, legislations and regulations since the Legal Team was established in 2010.

Ayesha Al Suwaidi the Executive Director of Human Resources Policies explained that FAHR Legal Consultancy Team responded since its establishment until the end of last September to almost 9000 legal inquiries received from employees of Federal Ministries and agencies, Local Government entities, external organizations and members of the community, on Federal Government applicable human resources policies, legislations and laws.


1770 legal consultancy in 9 months.


Al Suwaidi said that FAHR Legal Consultancy Team dealt during the first nine months this year with 1770 legal consultations and inquiries, with 1570 consultations from independent Federal Ministries and entities, and 200 legal advices received from local Government entities, private sector organizations and members of the community.


She underlined FAHR`s keenness on facilitating the communication mechanism for Federal Ministries and Entities interested in obtaining legal advice with the Legal Consultancy Team. The Authority assigned 10 channels of communication including FAHR Website (www.fahr.gov.ae) , Legal Consultancy Team e-mail (legal@fahr.gov.ae) , FAHR Smart Application (FAHR), the Electronic Support system, Ask the Legal Advisor Programme (OPA), Human Resources Forums and the official correspondence aiming at direct communication with all clients and prompt and quick response to their inquiries as well as the free toll number 600525524 and Fax 042953444 along with FAHR different social media accounts such as “Twitter”,  “Instagram” and “LinkedIn”.


Legal Consultancy work mechanism

On his part, Hamad Buamim, Director of Policies and Legal Affairs stated that the Legal Consultancy Team work mechanism is to study the inquiries received by the Authority on daily basis in connection with Federal Government human resources laws, legislations and policies, and the decisions issued in this respect. The team aims at consolidating legal opinions on all issues brought forward to the Authority and documenting legal rules for unifying and facilitating work procedures in future.


The Authority has formed a legal consultancy team proceeding from its keenness on creating a sound legal culture on human resources legislations, policies and systems applicable at the Federal Government level through responding to Federal Ministries and entities` inquiries and questions.


Buamim said that the Authority has recently launched the Human Resources Business Partners Project in Federal Government with the objective of facilitating service delivery to its partners and clients from Federal Ministries and entities within packages including legal consultations service. The idea of the project is based on the formation by the Authority of a team consisting of its employees providing services to Federal Ministries and entities in its capacity as a business partner specialized in human resources.


The human resources business partners’ project in the Federal Government aims at developing a work mechanism supporting proper application of Federal Government human resources policies, systems and legislations, and focusing on meeting   and achieving the authority`s customers’ needs, happiness and ambitions, improving key performance indicators in Federal Ministries and entities and promoting human resources enablers and indicators results.


Buamim maintained that the Authority held a series of human resources forums attended by representatives from Federal Ministries and entities with the objective of raising the standards of awareness and knowledge among the employees of such entities about Human Resources Law in the Federal Government and its Rule of Implementation as well as to introduce them to human resources systems, legislations and policies applicable at Federal Government level in order to ensure their proper application together with making them aware of human resources systems and requirements such as the Balance Score Card.


The idea of human resources forums is based on a periodical meeting bringing together members from a number of FAHR departments with representatives from a number of Federal Ministries and entities each time. The forums provide an opportunity for listening to the opinions and views of the Federal Ministries and entities representatives on the mechanisms for improving and upgrading the Authority`s services.

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