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FAHR trains Federal Government employees on its smart application

Sunday September 01, 2019

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) recently held four induction workshops on its smart application (FAHR), targeting dozens of employees of ministries and federal entities at the state level. The events were organized as part of the Authority’s plan to implement a series of awareness workshops involving hundreds of Federal Government employees, until the end of the current year.

The workshops were moderated by Omran Al Shamsi, Head of Systems Development and Maintenance, and Sheikha Al Kaabi, Infrastructure Development Technician at HR Information System, who reviewed the main features of the Authority's smart application (FAHR), its different services, and detailed method of use. The workshops also focused on the latest services and improvements recently introduced in terms of application.


Nearly 200 employees participated in four training workshops held in Abu Dhabi and Dubai,, and expressed their belief in the importance of these workshops in highlighting the characteristics and contents of application (FAHR). They praised the application and the easy access to all sub-services and key services provided, pointing out that the application provides valuable services, needed by Federal Government employees, which helps them to complete their HR transactions using self-service function, anytime, anywhere.


Sheikha Al Kaabi underscored the importance of holding such workshops in raising awareness of Federal Government employees, as well as exploring their proposals and views, for further improvements to the application, and addition of new services and features, that serve customers, and increase their satisfaction and happiness with the services provided by the Authority.


She thanked the federal entities for responding to the Authority’s invitation to attend the awareness training workshops, as well as the employees who participated in the event with enthusiasm. She called on all Federal Government employees to download the smart application (FAHR), and benefit from the  services provided, by carrying their HR procedures, outside the offices around the clock.


Al Kaabi explained that smart application (FAHR) includes 27 key and sub-services that benefit over 108 thousand employees working for more than  67 ministries and federal entities.


The application, she added, provides employees with distinguished services and assists them with completing their HR procedures on their own, as well as enabling training providers in the country to join the "Ma’arif" initiative for the Federal Government’s preferred training partners, allowing opportunity for private sector companies to join the Federal Government Employees’ discount program "Imtyazat", and facilitating many other services such as legal consultation and Federal Government employees network.


According to Sheikha Al Kaabi, the smart application provides a package of services to all of the Authority’s customers and the general public. These include information on availability of vacancies in the Federal Government, search for  these vacancies, reviewing the vacancies applied for, seeking legal advice, submitting objections, and accessing Frequently Asked Questions about Federal Government’s human resources policies, legislation and systems. The services also include requesting technical support to assist ministries and federal bodies in implementing various human resources procedures, registration as a service provider in Imtyazat Program and "Maárif" initiative, as well as communicating with the Authority and learning about its future activities.


She said: “App (FAHR) allows the Federal Government employees and officials to register for participation in training courses and programs through the electronic Training & Development System, provides two HR dashboards, one for the employee and the other for the line manager, as well as facilitates direct communication with the Authority's management, especially with regard to nomination of Federal Government employees for awards under Rewards & Incentives System, and access to employee leave balance.


“It also allows the completion of employee evaluation under Performance Management System by the employee himself or by the direct supervisor, in addition to the possibility of accessing the details of the employee's previous performance documents, enabling the  employees to delete and modify their personal goals, share them with the direct supervisor, and send the electronic ‘’Maqassert’ (thank you) card to the employees of ministries and federal agencies, at once in a group form’’.



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