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77,000 federal employees have benefited from ‘Al-Mawrid’ Portal, 33,000 of them receiving participation certificates

Thursday June 11, 2020

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) confirmed that the e-Learning Portal in the Federal Government "Al-Mawrid" witnessed during the last period a great interaction and was well received by the employees of the Federal Government, with visitors reaching nearly 77,500 employees, since its launch late last year until the beginning of June. ‘Al-Mawrid’ is the largest platform for e-learning and training in the United Arab Emirates.

 Al-Mawrid Portal has issued nearly 33,000 electronic certificates, and provides over 600 specialized workshops and training programs  on various fields, to enable the ministries and federal entities enroll their employees.

 The Authority has offered 14 free training courses during the month of June for employees of ministries and federal entities through  Al-Mawrid Portal: www.al-mawrid.ae, in cooperation with Morgan International, Baker for Vocational Education, and Bradfield Foundation for Training and Development. Employees will be granted certificates of participation if they pass the test held for the participants at the end of each session.

 The workshops varied between general and specialized, in Arabic and English, with different topics, including, for example: change management, administrative pressure at work, strength of positivity, personal financial planning, updating accounting standards, managing virtual teams, leadership through emotional intelligence,  writing reports in English, foundations of data analysis, and how to develop presentation skills.

 In this regard, Maryam Al Zarouni, Director of HR Planning Department at the Authority praised Al-Mawrid Portal as an advanced smart training platform that serves Federal Government employees.

 “The portal develops employees’ behavioral and specialized skills, and provides them with free and general electronic and specialized training programs and courses at preferential rates that take into account their needs and enhance their capabilities, as well as enable them to keep pace with the labor market requirements, in the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” she noted.

 She explained that the e-Learning Portal in the Federal Government, "Al-Mawred", is an important alternative to traditional training and learning methods based on physical attendance of workshops and training courses, and direct communication between the trainer and  trainees looking for knowledge.

 To further explain, Maryam Al Zarouni said: “The Authority, as part  of its efforts to protect the safety of Federal Government employees, launched during the month of March the virtual sessions service  through Al-Mawrid Portal, to enable employees to attend the workshops and training sessions held by their entities through their electronic devices easily.”

“The Authority also has cooperated with universities, prestigious  educational institutions, expertise houses and leading international companies in the field of e-training and development, to provide specialized certificates, courses and electronic training programs and educational materials for Federal Government employees for free or at competitive prices.”

 Al Mawrid Portal has originally been launched in line with the Federal Government's directions towards investing in artificial intelligence, enhancing the Federal Government employees’ skills and ensuring continuous learning, as well as providing them with the best and latest kind of training by investing in modern technology.

 By introducing Al-Mawrid initiative, the Authority aims to assist the Federal Government employees, as well as develop their knowledge, skills and capabilities, so that they can cope with the rapidly changing needs of global labor market by acquiring reliable electronic training, at any time, and from anywhere in the world.

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