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FAHR develops Masar Program in consultation with the ministries

Sunday October 13, 2019

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) discussed with the ministries and federal entities the mechanisms for remodeling Masar Scholarship Program for Emirati high school graduates. Masar was launched by FAHR, pursuant to Cabinet Resolution No. (31) for 2010, requiring ministries and federal entities to nurture university graduates who pursue disciplines related their nature of work and activities, for the purpose of employing then immediately upon completion of university studies.

FAHR explored the views of the ministries and federal entities regarding  the development of Masar Scholarship Program, which were submitted via e-mail and during the workshop held recently in Dubai, in the presence of HE Aisha Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of Human Resources Policies Sector at FAHR, and dozens of representatives of ministries and federal entities.

Addressing the issue, HE Aisha Al Suwaidi said: “Masar Scholarship Program comes as part of FAHR’s innovative initiatives, through which it aims to  nurture young and promising Emirati talents, during their university study to specialize in academic disciplines needed by the Federal Government, with a view to attract and recruit them in different ministries and federal entities.”

She added that Masar supports the UAE’s efforts to step up employment of   competent nationals in Federal Government departments, as it contributes to preparing qualified Emirati human resources, capable of enhancing the global leadership of the country in many areas, especially in the field of government work, to achieve the aspirations of the wise leadership. 

“FAHR has reviewed, as part of its policy to develop Masar Program,   various  scholarships in many federal Government departments and local governments institutions,” she said.

HE Aisha Al Suwaidi explained that Masar Program is applied to study sponsorships within the UAE that are provided by the ministries and federal entities, provided that the sponsoring body coordinates with the education institute, to provide periodic reports on the study progress. The federal entity concerned must send copies to the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, she added.

The Executive Director of HR Policies Sector, explained that the number of  sponsorships granted by ministries and federal entities to high school graduates under Masar Program in each entity must be commensurate with the number of employees.

“For example, an entity with 300 – 1000 employees will award 25 sponsorships, while those with more than 3000 employees are required to provide 60 sponsorships.”, she noted.

Nomination for  Masar Scholarship Program

HE continued saying that a student seeking nomination for Masaar Program must: be a UAE national, meet standards of good conduct,  obtain high school certificate or equivalent with an aggregate of at least 75% or a 3.0 GPA, not have obtained high school certificate or equivalent three years prior to application date, obtain admission from a recognized academic body in UAE to study one of the following educational qualifications (Diploma - Higher Diploma – Bachelor.

"Nomination also requires the candidate to successfully pass entry tests conducted by receiving educational institution, not be in existing employment or combine two sponsorships, not have been dismissed from an institution on disciplinary grounds or as a result of unexcused absences and not have been terminated on disciplinary grounds from a government entity.

Student’s Obligations

She also addressed issue related to students’ obligations throughout his study period, These include that a candidate must: be of good reputation,  not to commit a disgraceful behavior, abide by the sponsoring body’s regulations, not change the sponsored study course or move to another   university, college, institute or department without prior written approval from the sponsoring entity, obtain the academic qualification within the prescribed period, join sponsoring entity as a trainee during the official holiday, for a period not exceeding one month, if requested by the sponsor.

HE Aisha Al Suwaidi also stressed that work for the sponsoring entity for a period equal to the study period, or for any other government entity, subject to the approval of the competent minister, refund all expenses and financial grants spent during the study to sponsoring entity in case of non-compliance with the provisions of this system or sponsorship contract.

Directive issued by FAHR regarding the development of Masaar Program for sponsoring national high school graduates received great interaction by concerned ministries and federal entities, which provided FAHR with useful proposals and participated in the consultative workshop held for the purpose through representatives. The views of participating federal entities focused on financial awards, sponsorship terms and conditions, obligations of the parties concerned. 

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