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Mohammed Al Shehhi: BAYANATI and Smart App. (FAHR) provide valuable services to UAE diplomatic corps

Monday July 22, 2019

Mohammed Ali Al Shehhi, First Secretary, Head of Support Services at the UAE Embassy in Egypt, considered the Federal Authority for Government Human Resource’s Smart App. (FAHR) as one of the most prominent human resources applications in the region; for its great services to a large segment of Federal Government employees.

Al-Shehhi stressed in a press interview that the Federal Government’s HR Management Information System (BAYANATI) and Smart App (FAHR)  associated to the system have been serving the UAE diplomacy significantly, saving time and effort. Please follow the dialogue below. 

  • To what extent has the Smart Application (FAHR) helped you to speed up and streamline your HR procedures? 

In my personal experience with the Authority’s Smart Application (FAHR), and by virtue of my work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, UAE Embassy in Egypt, I can say that FAHR is a world-class application. It has greatly simplified administrative procedures that used to take time and effort, and its services are available anytime, anywhere, round the clock. 

  • What is your message to members of the diplomatic community regarding the use of BAYANATI System and Smart Application (FAHR)?

Considering the importance of BAYANATI System, and Application (FAHR) and their easily handled services provided to employees in general, and members of  diplomatic corps in particular, saving time and effort, we call on all to take advantage of these technologies as far as possible, and benefit from their advanced technology in completing human resources procedures at any time and anywhere in the world.

  • Do you have any proposals to develop HR systems in general, and BAYANATI in particular?

I believe that the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources is making great efforts in developing electronic human resources systems at the Federal Government level, so that these systems are considered among the best human resources systems applied regionally and globally.

About  BAYANATI System

Since its inception in 2912, BAYANATI System has been a strategic and vial project that contributes to enhancing the UAE’s strategic position and global competitiveness, as well as acting as a reference and major source of data, statistics and HR indicators in the Federal Government, by helping in automation of all HR procedures including salaries, converting them to self-service, which saves time, effort, and money.

The system helps to effectively manage human resources and provide general and accurate statistics on human resources. Moreover, it is one of the best practices that have been used to serve and develop human resources departments in ministries and federal entities and improve their performance in accordance with international best practices, besides facilitating administrative procedures and financial operations.

Generally speaking, BAYANATI System is a quantum leap in smart government applications to perform important human resource procedures in the Federal Government. It helps automate all HR procedures, including wages and salaries in federal ministries and entities throughout an employee’s service, and enhances human resources performance based on modern concepts and global standards. The system also helps create a unified Federal Government database that supports decision makers and assists in planning processes.

The self-service operated through the system is considered one of the most important features of the system, as it enables the Federal Government employees to complete and follow up their own human resources transactions, thus facilitating the provision of human resources services in ministries and federal bodies.

Self-service allows more time to HR departments to focus on strategic programs and initiatives, leaving routine work to employees to handle on their own. It also provides line managers with smart reports and HR dashboards necessary for monitoring the status of human resources in their departments.

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