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The Human Resources Club holds 65 forums and sessions during 10 years

Wednesday June 24, 2020

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) revealed that it held HR Club 65 forums since the Club’s launch in late 2010, until the beginning of June this year. The forums were attended by tens of thousands of HR professionals and those interested in human resources issues from the country and abroad, and discussed a number of important trendy topics, which keep pace with the latest global developments in human capital development, public administration and support services.

 Salwa Abdullah, Director of Projects and Programs at the Federal Authority for Governmental Human Resources explained that the Club is one of the strategic initiatives of the Authority since its  launch in 2010, as an intellectual platform that brings together thousands of HR professionals, practitioners, and people interested in field from all sectors of work in the UAE. It holds its real and virtual forums periodically, using live streaming tech.

 She said: “The Authority held 65 forums for the HR Club since its launch in late 2010, and up to the beginning of June 2020, eight forums being held during the first five months of 2020, using direct broadcast technologies. These forums were highly interactive and well received by the Club's associates, HR specialists, general public, and more than 18,500 followers people from different countries of the world.”

The Director of Projects and Programs Department explained that the Authority adopted the direct broadcasting of the Club's sessions via the Internet, in late 2019, as part of its efforts to reach the largest segment of those interested in human resources from within and outside the country, and to benefit the largest group of people interested in the Club and the topics and issues being discussed.  By adopting this trend, the Authority wanted to protect the health and safety of society, especially under the current conditions, she noted.

 Salwa Abdullah said: “The HR Club’s virtual sessions are interactive, questions can be asked and discussions can take place between speakers and participants. All participants are granted electronic participation certificates, received via the e-mail.  Sessions are documented and are published on the electronic page assigned to HR Club Initiative (www.fahr.gov.ae), on the website of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources.”

 She indicated that the HR Club sessions during 2020 discussed many important topics, including: the workplace of the future, HR transformation in the digital age, verification of information and  detection of fake news, generational diversity in the workplace, psychological support to society and how to avoid anxiety under Coronavirus (COVID-19), use of workforce data to enhance decision-making and artificially intelligent chat bot to improve the customer experience.

 The Human Resources Club, with a membership that exceeds 12 thousand, is a free platform for intellectual and knowledge communication between specialists and those interested in Human Resources from all work sectors in the country. It provides an important and great opportunity for cooperation between all those involved in human capital development, and acts as a platform for discussing key HR related issues and the most prominent challenges facing organizations and governments, with regard to human capital development to propose solutions to such challenges and keep pace with changes in this field.

 It should be noted that membership of the Club is open and free for all those interested in Human Resources and institutional support, etc. Application should be through website: www.fahr.gov.ae, and e-mail: HRClub@fahr.gov.ae

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