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FAHR calls for benefiting from ‘Back to School’ Policy

Sunday August 25, 2019

A circular recently issued by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) called on all ministries and federal bodies to take advantage of Back to School Policy, launched by the Authority last year.

The circular comes in accordance with the provisions of Cabinet Resolution No. (2/8) of 2018, regarding Back to School Policy, issued on recommendation of the Ministry of State for Happiness and Quality of Life. The policy includes three aspects that will contribute to enhancing the role of the family and achieve a better life-work balance, as well as promote the quality of life in our society.


The idea is that nursery and kindergarten children will be happy to accompany their parents on the first day, which enhances their ability to adapt to the school environment. This allows for more flexibility during the first week of schooling for parents of this group of children, making a good start for the school year.


The Authority urged the ministries and federal entities to help parents working in the Federal Government at the beginning of the new school year by enabling them to accompany their children to schools and nurseries on the first day of the school year, for a maximum period of 3 hours per day. This means whether  arriving late to work in the morning, or leaving early on the first day of school, for a maximum period of 3 hours. The Authority also urged HR departments in the ministries and federal entities to implement the policy and allow employees to make the best of the flexibility. 


According to the circular, the policy comes as part of the wise leadership’s directives to make things easier for parents and students, enhance family cohesion by taking into account the employees’ social responsibility in achieving stability and strengthening the role of the family as nucleus of society.


Back to School policy allows ministries and federal entities the opportunity to give their working parents flexible working hours during their children’s first school day, by allowing them to come late or depart early, without affecting the workflow and quality of services, and in line with regulations.


The Authority stressed that Back to School policy gives the employee the opportunity of flexible working on other occasions and circumstances related to the school year. For example, an employee may be granted permission for a period not exceeding three hours to attend meetings of parents in their hildren's schools, and another three hours to attend graduation ceremonies, and other events and activities involving children.



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