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FAHR discusses amendments to Human Resources Law in the Federal Government and its Executive Regulations

Sunday July 28, 2019

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has announced plans to prepare a draft proposal to amend the Human Resources Law in the Federal Government and its Executive Regulations, based on the observations and comments received from ministries and federal entities.

This came during the consultative workshop held recently by the Authority in Dubai, in the presence of Dr. Abdulrahman Abdel Manan Al-Awar, Director General of the Authority, a number of sector and department directors and nearly 200 representatives of ministries and federal bodies. The meeting listened to views and suggestions of the ministries and federal entities regarding the provisions of HR Law in the Federal Government and its Executive Regulations, and the most important  amendments proposed.


In this regard, Dr. Abdulrahman Al Awar, said: "It is no secret that our wise Government is always striving to enhance the efficiency of the government human resources, and create a stable work environment conducive to highest levels of productivity. To achieve this objective, it has been making regular adjustments to human resource policies, systems and legislation, in order to meet the present and future requirements and realize the UAE Vision 2021  towards global leadership and competitiveness."


He noted that the proposed amendment project, if adopted, will be the fourth of its kind, during a relatively short period not exceeding ten years. He praised the rapid progress and dynamism demonstrated by the UAE Government which proved to be capable of keeping pace with global developments in various fields, especially in human resource legislation, as evidenced by the amendments to HR Law in the Federal Government and its Executive Regulations, which have been updated three times in eight years, in consultation with all concerned ministries and federal entities.


According to Director General of the Authority, the proposed project to amend the HR Law in the Federal Government and its Executive Regulations is the fruit of constructive cooperation between the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, and its partners represented in ministries and federal entities over more than a year. During that period, intensive meetings were held  to listen to proposals and observations on various HR Law provisions in light of the Authority's keenness to reach full agreement among all ministries and federal entities on the proposed amendment project.


For his part, Hamad Bou Amim, Director of Policies and Legal Affairs revealed that the Authority had already received about 230 proposals from the ministries and federal bodies in respect of amendments to the law and regulation.


He reviewed during the workshop, the articles of the HR Law and Regulations, as well as the most important amendments proposed, in preparation for a more  flexible legislation, calling on all participants to provide the Authority with their views to support the new project.



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