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FAHR launches new mechanism for measuring the efficiency of human resource departments in the Federal Government

Thursday July 04, 2019

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has recently launched a new mechanism to measure the level of HR departs’ development and maturity in Federal Government institutions according to international indicators and models prepared for this purpose.

FAHR explained in a statement that the new mechanism was prepared in consultation with the ministries and federal entities according to a clear methodology based on   relevant human resources data through the electronic human resources systems, and in line with the Federal Government’s policies aimed at keeping  pace with the rapidly developing UAE Government’s work.

The statement stressed that the objectives of the new mechanism are based on the indicators and results of ministries and federal entities as extracted from   Human Resources Management Information System in the Federal Government "BAYANATI" and its smart reporting system. It added that the new project is part of the six human resources initiatives adopted by the UAE Government at the first session of its annual meetings, tfor the purpose of empowering government human resources.

The objective of the new mechanism, according to FAHR, are to implement a unified model to measure the efficiency of government human resources practices, improve the performance of human resources departments in accordance with the best international standards and practices, in a way that reflects positively on employees’ performance, and achieve the strategic plans of various Federal Government institutions. The mechanism is also aimed at  enhancing human resources functions through the development of action plans, and adopting initiatives and projects that contribute to continuous development of human resources departments.

4 criteria to evaluate human resources departments’ performance

FAHR explained that the new mechanism to measure the level of development of human resources departments in the Federal Government will allow the evaluation of ministries and federal bodies according to four main criteria: governance, employment efficiency, employee engagement, and development. It further explained that a set of indicators were included in and closely linked to each criterion, as well as giving weights for these critria according to their importance.

The most important indicators to be measured by the new mechanism include but are not limited to: proper implementation of human resources legislation and regulations, effective use of electronic HR systems, commitment to service level agreement, digital transformation in recruitment, Emiratization, talent attraction and retention; performance review, digital transformation in training and development, availability of required competencies, employee productivity indicators, promotions, rewards and incentives, and happiness and positive work environment.

“The results of UAE HR Award in the Federal Government will be built on these criteria, and the implementation of this mechanism will not cost the Federal Government any additional amounts of money, while it does not need new systems, as the outputs of BAYANATI System will serve the purpose”, the statement noted.

FAHR called on all ministries and federal bodies to abide by the implementation  of electronic human resources systems applied at the Federal Government level through BAYANATI System, and adhere to human resources policies and legislation.

Levels of human resources development model

FAHR noted that ias per the new mechanism, the development of human resources departments practices in ministries and federal bodies will be classified into four levels: core human resources, strategic human resources, integrated human resources, and leading human resources departments. It indicated that core human resources apply HR strategy partially while implementing some of the HR systems in place in the Federal Government.

On the hand, strategic human resources implement a clear human resources strategy and most of the human resources systems applied at the Federal Government level, while integrated human resources support the development of human capital in the Federal Government.

There is close link between human resources strategy of the Federal Government and that of a federal entity. As for leading human resources level, it gives human resources departments the opportunity to implement best human resources practices, which enhance the future skills of employees, and and realizing the objectives of UAE Vision 2021 and its national agenda.

Training Workshop

FAHR recently held a training workshop, at its headquarters in Dubai, on indicators of human resource enablers in the Federal Government, according to  mechanism for measuring development of human resources practices. The event, presented by Amal Ibrahim, Senior Specialist of Performance Indicators and Follow-up, Acting Head of Government Program Development Department,   was attended by dozens of human resources directors and officials in ministries and federal entities.

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