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HR Club discusses the impact of AI on human resources

Sunday August 04, 2019

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has recently organized a webinar session in Human Resources Club, one of the strategic initiatives of the Authority, and a first-of-its-kind experience launched in 2010.

The Club acts as an interactive, intellectual and knowledge communication platform that brings together interested people, human resources specialists and experts across different sectors in the country, under one roof to share ideas, experiences and solutions.

The session tackled the potential impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on human resources. Presenter Daoud Abu Qasha, Vice President of Sales at Bloovo Middle East, spoke about the "advanced e-recruitment platform", which was witnessed by about 500 of HR Club members and those interested in human resources within UAE and abroad.

Abu Qasha highlighted the latest global trends in the use of modern technology and artificial intelligence in human resource management such as employment, training, development and career growth.

The speaker pointed out that artificial intelligence has contributed significantly to enhancing the efficiency of recruitment system and attracting talents in institutions and companies.

He said: “Organizations around the world are now using many artificial intelligence systems and applications to assess candidates applying for vacancies, which increases the ability of institutions to employ the most efficient talents, and allows the opportunity to follow up employment indicators in a timely manner.

He pointed out that artificial intelligence played a crucial role in improving companies’ recruitment system, attracting talents, as well as changing the traditional concepts and prevailing employee engagement methods. In addition, he added, AI has enabled institutions to explore the views of employees on various issues related to the work environment, pointing out that modern AI technology has become an integral part of the work system in many organizations wishing to keep pace with the rapid developments and changes.” 

Vice President of Sales at Bloovo Middle East, said: “Many institutions around the world are now relying heavily on A{ techniques in training employees, develop their abilities and empower them, which will enhance work environment attractiveness in those institutions, and make it a destination for top talents.

“Regarding the main challenges facing organizations in adopting AI technologies, he explained that they include involving employees and integrating them in the work environment, lack of experts and specialists in the field of AI, resistance    to change and fear of a shift to smart technology, and the fact that AI lacks  emotional intelligence.

"Many organizations are currently using some smart HR applications that allow for the analysis of employees' personality and attitudes, prior to proposing  solutions to improve the work environment and employee performance. There are also highly sophisticated human resources systems to identify the need for special skills in the labor market, based on job descriptions and available  vacancies."

AI systems, according to Abu Qasha, are becoming widely used in the institutions in conducting analysis and evaluation of employee performance, and studying the quality of the skills needed by the institution in the coming years, based on certain indicators and data to be entered in these systems, to give accurate results, and provide a set of conclusions and recommendations.

HR Club

The Human Resources Club provides an important opportunity for cooperation among all those concerned with human capital development, discussing topics related to the major challenges faced by institutions and governments, as well as reviewing best solutions to address such challenges and keep pace with the changes in this area.

It is one of the most important strategic initiatives of the Authority, and an interactive platform and an intellectual and knowledge communication channel that brings together interested people, human resources specialists and experts under one roof to share ideas, experiences and solutions that could enhance the roles assigned to human resources departments and other institutional service bodies across different sectors in the country.

The Club offers its membership, which has grown to over 12 thousand, an ideal opportunity to learn about the best practices, experiences and success stories of many individuals and institutions, as well as meeting with specialists and practitioners in the field of institutional work.

The Authority is seeking to develop the Club and improve its vision and mission by working hard to expand to expand the base of its beneficiaries beyond human resource professionals, to include support services sectors, and all employees working for these sectors, such as personnel, finance, IT, procurement, etc.

It should be noted that membership of the Club is open and free for all those interested in human resources and institutional support, etc. Application should be through website: www.fahr.gov.ae, and e-mail: HRClub@fahr.gov.ae 

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