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Adding and updating 11 services on Smart App (FAHR)

Tuesday October 08, 2019

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) recently launched a aet of new updates on its Smart Application (FAHR), which was launched in 2014, and includes 27 services provided to Federal Government employees and Authority customers.

Shaima Al Awadhi, Director of HR Information System Department at FAHR , confirmed that the Authority recently launched a set of important updates  to its Smart Application (FAHR), to increase speed, add new services, and make other improvements. These updates, she said, were aimed at enriching the application users’ experience, as well as enabling users to access services smoothly and in less wasted time and effort.


She said: “The Authority is continuously updating its Smart Application, the  most recent updates being connecting the application with Customer Happiness System (CHS), launched by the Authority as an interactive platform for ket services provided to ministries, federal entities, the private sector and the public.


She added that the Authority has been able to increase response speed  across all pages of Application (FAHR), and avail opportunity to request new services, (namely requesting business cards, displaying and updating “Kholasat Al Qaid” details included in the self-service).


“It is also possible now for the line manager to monitor nomination of employees for Rewards And Incentives Scheme and approve names directly through the application,” she noted. 


Al Awadhi revealed that a number of introductory videos were added as  part of the latest application updates and services, in addition to updating   Performance Management System page to facilitate smooth implementation, and creating a training plan model.


It should be noted that the Authority launched an updated version of the smart application early this year; to keep abreast of he rapid changes and developments witnessed by the HR Management Information System in the Federal Government (BAYANATI), which provides valuable services to more than 100,000 employees working in 64 ministries and federal entities. The most important of these services are those related to the BAYANATI system, the Federal Government’s preferred training partners initiative (Ma’arif), the Federal Government employees’ discount (Imtyazat), the Legal Consultancy Program and the Federal Government Employees Network.


The Smart Application provides a package of services to all of the Authority’s customers, including information on vacancies in the Federal Government, as well as facilitating the search for these vacancies, review the vacancies applied for, seeking legal advice, submitting objections, and access Frequently Asked Questions about Federal Government’s human resources policies, legislation and systems.


The services also include requesting technical support to assist ministries and federal bodies in implementing various human resources procedures, registration as a service provider in “Imtyazat” Program and "Maárif" initiative for Federal Government employees, as well as communicating with the Authority and learn about its future activities.


App (FAHR) allows the completion of employees appraisal under   Performance Management System by the employee himself or by the  direct supervisor, in addition to allowing access to the details of an employee's previous performance documents, to enable modifying personal objectives and sharing them with the direct supervisor, and send the electronic ‘’Maqassert’ (thank you) card to the employees of ministries and federal entities at once as one group.


Moreover, Smart Application (FAHR) also provides a smart dashboard for use by employees of ministries and federal entities, including 11 indicators, the most important of which are: total leave balance, number of certificates requested and issued, approved leaves, unapproved absences, years of service, and percentage of smart app. usage, compared to self-service through BAYANATI system.



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