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FAHR obtains ISO 20000 certification for IT management services

Monday April 08, 2019

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has recently been awarded ISO / IEC 20000-1: 2011 IT Service Management System for its strong commitment to observing quality e-services as well as services provided through HR Management Information System (BAYANATI) to the Federal Government according to global best standards and practices in service management.

Shimaa Al Awadhi, Director of HR Information System (HRIS), explained that the Authority's outstanding performance which culminated in obtaining   ISO / IEC 20000-1: 2011 IT Service Management System reflects   keenness to implement the highest international standards and adopt best practices in managing information technology services and e-services of BAYANATI System, officially launched by the Authority in 2012 the Federal Government level, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance.

She confirmed that the Authority, represented by HR Information System  Department. is highly committed to implementing the best practices in  information technology (IT) management, focusing on developing its operations and providing the most efficient technical support to users of electronic services provided. She noted that the Authority is continuously working on the development of smart electronic services provided to to the Federal Government institutions, in line with global standards and trends in this regard.

Shaima Al-Awadhi concluded: “The audit and evaluation practices adopted by ISO 2000 is carried out by independent competent bodies that apply strict principles to ensure that we meet tmandatory standards and quality of services we provide to employees of ministries and federal bodies”.

She lauded the efforts made by the Authority’s team generally and HR  Information System Department in particular, for their keenness to provide the best services to customers, reflecting a clear image of the Authority, and strengthening its position at the Federal Government level.

BAYANATI System in Brief

BAYANATI System is a smart portal through which all human resources procedures in the Federal Government are carried out automatically and electronic platform for many human resources systems implemented in the Federal Government.

BAYANATI is also considered an important reference to the country's human resources statistics and establishes a unified federal and local governments database that reflects their reality, supports decision makers and helps in effective planning of the future of human resources in the country.

Since its launch, BAYANATI has played an influential role in providing  services to, and development of human resources departments in the ministries and federal entities, to improve their performance in accordance with international best practices and standards, as well as simplify administrative procedures and financial operations associated with them.


BAYANATI system provides distinguished services to Federal Government employees. It enables employees to complete all human resources procedures through the self-service unit assigned for each employee,   helps speed up electronic approvals for certain HR procedures obtaining online approvals on certain human resources procedures and ensures the payment of salaries through a unified system .

Self-service is one of the most important components of the system, as it enables Federal Government employees to complete and follow-up their own HR procedures. This function, according to her, would greatly facilitate the provision of human resources services in ministries and federal agencies and helps HR departments to focus on Strategic programs and initiatives rather than daily routine tasks.

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