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FAHR launches Preferred e-Learning Partners Project

Sunday June 09, 2019

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), has recently launched the UAE Federal Government’s Preferred e-Learning Partners Initiative (Al-Mawdid). According to the project, mthe Authority will conclude contracts with universities and educational institutions, specialized firms and leading international organizations, to provide expert training and development leading to professional certification, electronic training courses and programs, and educational materials for Federal Government employees at competitive prices.

In this regard, HE Laila Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of Programs & HR  Planning, said that the UAE Federal Government’s Preferred e-Learning Partners Initiative (Al-Mawdid), comes as a valuable addition to the series of innovative training initiatives launched by the Authority at the Federal Government level over the past years.

“Al Mawrid aims to train and develop human resources in the ministries and federal entities, as well as improving employees’ competencies, thus enhancing efficiency of the UAE Government, and meeting the aspirations and directions of our wise leadership.

“To activate Al Mawrid Initiative, the Authority has signed a series of memorandums of understanding with a selection of universities and educational institutions, houses of expertise and leading international companies in the field of training and development, under which the latter provide specialized certificates, electronic courses and training programs, and educational videos for Federal Government employees at reduced prices.”

The Authority aims through the initiative, which benefits almost all of the approximately 102,000 Federal Government employees, to develop the employees’ knowledge, skills and capabilities, so that they can cope with the rapidly changing needs of global labor market by acquiring reliable electronic training, at any time, and from anywhere in the world.

A special e-Learning Partner web page

HE Laila Al Suwaidi explained that the Authority, on its website www.fagr.gov.ae, has set up a page for e-learning partners' initiative, through links are available to websites of training institutions and companies under the umbrella of the initiative. Employees pf ministries and federal bodies, she added, can click these links to learn about the training courses and programs offered by each institution, with a brief  description of these programs, including the percentage of discounts granted. Al Suwaidi “The Authority has succeeded in attracting a number of institutions and prestigious houses of expertise in the field of training, development and education in the region and the world.

$ 28 billion of global investment in e-learning

For her part, Lulwaa Al Marzouqi, Director of Human Resources Planning Department, stressed the importance of e-learning at the present time, noting that global investment in e-learning reached $ 28 billion. According to her, 40% - 60% of learning depends on e-learning, and 89% of the world's top 100 companies adopt e-learning to develop their employees' capabilities and skills. She added that institutions that invest in e-learning succeed in increasing staff productivity by 43%, while employee happiness and fworkplace harmony increase by 18% in these inxtitutions.

She said: “Since its inception, the Authority has been keen to launch quality training initiatives that focus primarily on strengthening and developing human capital in the Federal Government, creating government talents capable of realizing the UAE Vision 2021 aspiring to global leadership. A series of training initiatives has been launched to provide Federal Government employees with knowledge and behavioral and professional skills. The most important of these initiatives include: Training & Development System for federal government employees; “Ma’arif” and “Qudrat” initiatives for Federal Government’s Preferred Training & Assessment Partners, in addition to e-Learning Portal initiative and Training Programs Bank.

Training & Development System for Federal Government employees

In line with its policy to provide comprehensive development opportunities for Federal Government employees as an integral part of the human resources development system, the Authority launched Training and Development System  in conjunction with Performance Management System, which is closely related to it and forms an integral part of it.

The system aims to increase work efficiency in the Federal Government and provide it with skills and qualifications. The final goal is to achieve an improved performance through ensuring setting individual development plans for employees; and helping ministries and federal entities in providing adequate training for them. The various forms of training include training courses,  study leaves, secondment, job shadowing programs, conferences, seminars, and  succession planning.

Federal Government’s training partners "Ma’arif"

Ma’arif is one of the strategic initiatives of the Authority and the first of its kind at the Federal Government level. The idea of the initiative is to identify the best training providers in the UAE according to specific criteria, meet the training needs of the Federal Government employees, achieve a financial surplus from the training budgets of federal entities, serve the maximum number of employees and negotiate with key training providers to offer quality training programs at competitive prices

Ma’arif Initiative aims to: Establish a partnership based on social responsibility. Guarantee providing high quality training for Federal Government employees. Meet the training needs in accordance with the training and development system of the Federal Government employees. Achieve a financial surplus from the training budgets of federal entities, and serve the maximum number of employees. Enhance the competence and productivity of the Federal Government, and create a favorable business environment therein. Assist federal entities to select training courses online, in accordance with predefined time frames.

"Ma’arif" electronic portal

The first online platform for training providers in the UAE

The Authority launched the Ma’arif electronic portal: www.maarif.ae, and made it available to its users in the form of the Smart Application (FAHR). It represents the first electronic platform for training providers in the UAE, and  allows the employees of ministries and federal agencies to view the training programs offered by accredited training providers under Ma’arif initiative. It also allows training officials in ministries and federal agencies to register their employees in the training courses that Ma'arif partners continuously announce. The portal also enables evaluation of the training programs by linking them to  Training & Development System for Federal Government employees.

The mechanism for measuring the capabilities of Federal Government employees "Qudrat"

Qudrat initiative was launched to help federal entities to develop and empower their human resources and improve performance through measuring their capabilities to identify the best development solutions and increasing government efficiency and employee productivity.

The initiative aims to prepare a list of the best capability assessment companies in the UAE and make it available to ministries and federal entities wishing to evaluate the competencies of their employees at competitive prices.

e-Learning Portal

Smart training platform for Federal Government employees

The Authority launched the e-Learning Portal Project in order to familiarize  employees of ministries and federal entities in general, and new employees in particular with HR policies, legislation and systems applied at the Federal Government level .

The portal provides a comprehensive induction program for new employees, on HR policies and legislation, as well as awareness videos about the electronic human resources systems under the umbrella of BAYANATI System and based on self-service, and Performance Management, and Training & Development systems.

The portal provides access to Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct Document and electronic signing of confidential information document. Once the employee completes all the stages and requirements of induction program, he will receive an electronic certificate of achievement that will be sent to his official e-mail.

Professional Certificates Index

Professional Training Certificates Index has been launched to identify training programs that provide specialized professional certificates, help federal bodies invest training budgets in specialized training programs, and create a federal database that employees can easily access and identify awarding institutions.

 Training Programs Bank

The Authority uses Training Programs Bank to enable the employees of ministries and federal entities to electronically choose courses that suit their needs in an innovative and easy-to-use way through Training & Development System available on the Federal Government’s HR Management Information System (BAYANATI).

The Bank will improve the quality of e-training system in the Federal Government by providing a list of reliable training programs selected during the development of annual training plans, which saves time and effort and ensures that appropriate training is selected during individual development plan review.

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