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On this page you will find a description of the most important components of the website of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources:

About FAHR

FAHR: Federal Authority for government Human Resources

This section includes general information about the Authority which aims to develop the human resources in the Government sector based on modern concepts and international standards applicable in the field of human resource management.

Legislations & Guides

Human Resources Law: The Law stresses on Human element considering it as an original Investment which must be managed and developed efficiently as well as it reflects future vision for the future requirements of Human Resources and it opens chances for all to improvement performance of employees and monitor their skills and invest their efforts.

Executive Regulation Of The Law: includes all controls and details concerning rights and duties of the employees and employment and evaluation operations, incentives, leaves and other matters related to Human Resources working in Federal Government Authorities.


Circulars: Here you will find all circulars Sorted by year, with hierarchy.

And some systems like: Performance Management System for the employees of Federal Government, Training & Development System, and the Governance system.

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct Document Service Is considered as an actual translation what ought to be observed by the employee in his professional conduct and provision and directives of the Federal Government to the importance of setting up the ethics of occupational conduct and development of the role of Human Resources in achieving the Institutional objectives in Government Departments considering the same as a base for Government works.

FAHR Services

To facilitate easy access to e-services, they have divided into four key categories as follows:

FAHR Initiatives

includes the following sections:

Media Center

You will find here FAHR News Updates, Events Highlights, Photo Gallery, FAHR Videos, Publications, HR Magazine.  Plus, the Official Speaker on behalf of FAHR, Media Coordinator, the Archive and you can download pictures and logos from the Download Media Assets page.

Studies & Statistics

This section contains a number of files and links of the site-specific data available via the website users to download and re-use. Some files are available in Excel format so that the user can easily copy and paste. Most of the files are available in Portable Document Format (PDF).

Open data policy pursued by FAHR allows you to use the files as long as you do not change the data in those files. You must also refer to data source, as well as make it openly available for use by others.


You will find in this section links to pages of FAHR in various social media channels such as Twitter, YouTube and others. You can express your opinion on the topics raised in blogs or polls.  These posts aim to promote public participation in the decision-making process and the development of Government policies.  In addition to that you can submit your feedback and suggestions through the My Government (Suggestions & Complaints) page.


You may find in this section important information in the HR field and answers to questions relating to the following: Human Resource Law provisions on employment types, leaves, promotions, etc.

Events Highlights

Here you find a list of key events of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources.

Search and Advanced Search Features

Search feature is another way to help you to access the information you want. In addition to writing the query you are searching in the space provided at the top of the page, you can use the advanced search to search in a particular sector of the site, such as services or open data and others. It is possible to search the latest news, events and workshops organized by the Authority.


What are the electronic services provided by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources?

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources renders a number of e-services, including legal Advices, Job Application, BAYANATI, ITIMAD, etc.

What is the benefit of electronic services for me as a user?

Accessing government services through the Internet and other electronic means can help you save time, effort, and money. You can accomplish many of the transactions at your home or office without having to go to the headquarters of the government agency. Electronic services also help to reduce fuel and paper consumption, and thus preserve the environment.

Who can take advantage of online services?

Everybody can benefit from the services and information provided by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources around- the- clock.

 I am a person with special need. Can I take advantage of online services?

This site has been designed so as to help people with special needs to use it. Facilities provided include Text to Speech software, and possibility of enlarging the font size and changing colors.


Communication with the Authority

How can I communicate with the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources?

On the Contact Us page, you will find a list of phone numbers and location map. You can also communicate with the directors of the departments through organizational structure page where you can find all their contact details. Moreover, you can submit a proposal through Develop with Us page - Suggestions System. It is even possible to communicate with the Authority Chairman and Director General through Communicate with the DG page.

How does the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources communicate with the public?

The Federal Government Human Resources communicates with the public in a number of ways, including personal interviews, e-mail, blog, questionnaires, and polls. Various communication channels help in identifying customers’ views, proposals, and complaints to address them.

Do you communicate with the public through social media?

Yes, you can contact us through the Authority blogs, on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram & Linkedin.

Do you have a policy to monitor and check forum and blog posts?

We encourage constructive criticism in regards to the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, and online services, as your feedback helps us to improve our services and meet your expectations. However, we often review the content to ensure it does not contain any material that can be a source of threat to the security or privacy of others, involve personal abuse to individuals, or include inappropriate language.

Do you have an electronic newsletter in FAHR?

Yes, we send our electronic newsletter to subscribers monthly. The newsletter contains news of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources and the latest news in relation to electronic services. You can subscribe to receive our e- newsletter free of charge.


User Friendly Tools:

FAHR website contains many user-friendly tools, which enhance accessibility and enable users to navigate in a user-friendly manner:  

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Acrobat reader

 Most of the documents listed in FAHR website are in PDF (portable document format) so we suggest that you use Acrobat reader. 


Further help

If your problem has not been resolved, please email us. info@fahr.gov.ae