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Federal Authority for Government HR : Flexible working hours. Productively with Happiness

Sunday October 20, 2019

The Government of United Arab Emirates has always demonstrating commitment to provide its employees with all kinds of comfort and happiness. This is why it applies global best practices and solutions regarding human capital management and development, as well as launch appropriate policies, legislation, and initiatives


Accordingly, the UAE Federal Government introduced the flexible hours arrangement which allows employees to work outside the working hours,  enabling them to change their official working hours to work outside the official schedule, according to changeable hours within the prescribed  periods


Flexible working hours will undoubtedly help increase employee happiness, and productivity, as well as improve workplace well-being, and work environment, while reducing the need for overtime, absenteeism, and taking time off. Flexible work also increases employee motivation through taking into account their humanitarian conditions, to the extent that does not adversely affect the work system


In addition to the foregoing, the flexible work arrangement has many social implications; it can even minimize traffic congestion on internal roads and between the emirates at peak hours


Flexible work is a system that provides a significant diversification of normal working hours in terms of attendance and departure, so that an employee can perform the same work hours required of him, without being required to  attend the workplace from 7:30 to 2:30. Of course, this needs agreement between the employee and his/her line manager, within flexible work  guidelines set by each institution, and without prejudice to the needs of institutions and their customers


Ali Ahli

Director of Human Resources and Services and Chief Executive Officer of Happiness and Quality of Life at the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources