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Federal Authority for Government HR : Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

Tuesday August 18, 2020


The United Arab Emirates is constantly striving to adopt the latest  technologies and most advanced methods in providing innovative services that help its citizens to achieve its aspirations in a prosperous  future.  It is, therefore, racing against time to benefit from artificial intelligence technologies, and the outcomes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in enhancing the performance of various sectors of work


The UAE Government in general and the Federal Government in particular, represent an example of this fierce race towards creating new solutions and employing artificial intelligence in the service of Human Capital


The Federal Government's interest in investing artificial intelligence in the service of Human Resources was evident in recently announced  operational plan of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources 2020, which forms a road map for the coming years, in line with the wise leadership’s aspirations, the UAE Vision 2021, and its centennial 2071


The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), has been keen to include in its plan many innovative initiatives related to digital transformation and artificial intelligence. The plan included various initiatives and projects that reflect these global trends and aimed at investing in artificial intelligence technologies, to form a robust foundation to preparations currently underway for the next fifty years


The Authority’s artificial intelligence projects for the next period, according to the plan include: upgrading its smart application (FAHR), launching “Injaz” Shared Support Services Automation Project, enhancing e-recruitment System with Artificial Intelligence technologies, measuring Productivity using artificial intelligence techniques through Enabler project.  Also plan includes the launch of Data Cleansing Project in the Federal Government, introducing Holistic Dashboards,   Launching Data Warehouse Project, and enhancement of e-Learning Portal "Al Mawrid” with artificial intelligence technologies, and its use, i.e. artificial intelligence, in talent management in ministries and federal entities



Salwa Abdullah

Director of Projects and Programs Department

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources