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Federal Authority for Government HR : UAE and Gender Equality

Sunday March 08, 2020

The United Arab Emirates recently ranked 26th in the world in the Gender Equality Report issued by the United Nations Development Program for 2019, and ranked first in the Arab world, after jumping 23 places


With this global achievement, the country’s ranking at the global level is one step away from achieving the national goal: becoming among the best 25 countries in this indicator in 2021


What the UAE has achieved, in just 4 years after the establishment of the Emirates Council for Gender Balance, is a quantum leap in the field of gender balance, at Arab and global levels, as the country was ranked 49 globally in 2015, thanks to the great efforts made by the rational government In this regard


The stating point was the establishment of the UAE Gender Balance Council, followed by setting targets, enacting laws and legislation, and implementing best practices on the ground, until we reached where we are today in a relatively record time


There is no doubt that the innovative and vital initiatives launched by the UAE during the past four years have significant impacted the role of and position of Emirati women in general, and working women in particular, in all aspects of life


These government initiatives, policies, and services adopted and implemented by the country, support women as a mother and educator for future generations, and enhance the position of the UAE and its global competitiveness in the field


Most important of all, nurturing and empowering women have always been the focus and a top priority of our wise leadership, since the era of the founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may Allah have mercy upon him, in recognition to their role in promoting  the gains and achievements of the Union


Dr. Abdulrahman Abdul Mannan Al-Awar

General Director of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources

Member of the UAE Gender Balance Council