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FAHR: Remote Working in the Federal Government.. Continuity of Services and efficient production

Tuesday August 18, 2020

The government of the United Arab Emirates has been proactive in converting its services to electronic, for twenty years and more. The global “Corona Crisis” came to put countries’ experiences under the test, showing the importance of this investment in technology, and focusing on the automation of the services it provides to the customer’s, in order to ease the process to them, save time and effort

.Thanks to its determined efforts and real investment for the future, the UAE government was able to maintain business continuity and provide services to the public, and to continue learning processes at all levels, whether through e-learning, or working remotely .. The UAE was ready for all possible scenarios

Once decided to take the necessary preventive measures, to ward off danger from employees, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources issued, in cooperation with the competent authorities, (circulars, remote working guides, and procedural guidelines) that would govern remote work processes, ensure business continuity, and provide services for the customers, according to the required quality and excellence standards

Thanks to its good readiness, and its smart and strong electronic structure, FAHR was able to continue working remotely, without any interruption, at 100% efficiently and competently, and provided services to the clients from ministries, federal entities, or the public, within the time frames specified in service level agreements, and maintained continuity Operations online, thanks to the up-time and sound planning, and the smart and electronic systems available 


Among the most prominent steps and procedures that FAHR has taken to maintain business continuity and provide services at the federal government level, while ensuring the availability of the necessary facilities and protection for employees: Preparing The Guide of Remote Working in the Federal Government and procedural guidelines in the Critical and Emergency Circumstances, in cooperation with the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and The Future, providing all of its services electronically through FAHR Smart App and enabling employees of federal entities to register attendance and leave electronically during work remotely through "Bayanati" System and FAHR Smart App.  Also, creating training and continuous learning opportunities for the federal government employees through "Al-Mawrid", the e-learning portal in the federal government.  Where FAHR provides 250 free training courses and programs at preferential prices through the portal.  Besides the Webinar technology for broadcasting HR Club sessions, one of the strategic initiatives of the authority and a number of important authority activities

.You can view the authority's guides, circulars and procedural guidelines on working remotely in the federal government through its website www.fahr.gov.ae


Mahmood Ahmed AL Marzooqi

Director of Government Communications

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources