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FAHR:"Hayat" Program promotes the Mental Health of the Federal Government employees

Monday May 18, 2020

There is no doubt that the conditions that the world is going through due to the Corona Pandemic (Covid-19) have many repercussions on various aspects of life, and have left traces and psychological pressures on societies as a whole, apart from you that many of us need counseling and psychological and moral support, even in natural circumstances , On his personal affairs, social and business relationships

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, alerted to the importance of the matter, and sought to reduce the consequences that may result from work pressures, trauma, psychological anxiety, and depression, by providing a platform with high reliability, specialized in providing psychological and moral support to Federal Government employees, so it launched "Hayat" program concerned with the promotion of mental and moral health of Federal Government employees with the support of specialists and advisors


Under the "Hayat" program, free consultations are provided to employees of the Federal Government, whether by e-mail or phone, with all guarantees of privacy and data confidentiality available, in cooperation with the “Life Works Center” in Dubai, which specializes in providing advice and support in the field of mental health

Hayat aims to raise efficiency and productivity by reducing work challenges and life challenges, and raising levels of quality of life in the work environment and job well-being at the federal government level, and thus achieving the required balance between professional and social life, in addition to enhancing the mental health of employees

Through it, we also seek to build strong relationships between employees, enhance the spirit of one team, the spirit of institutional loyalty, integration and participation, as well as build mutual trust between employees and institutions, and raise levels of productivity, after enabling employees to advance in their professional lives, and develop their skills continuously, in achievement estimate remained

It is also based on several axes, most notably: (Enhancing institutional awareness of the importance of mental health of employees, emphasizing the values of alignment between institutional and functional goals on the one hand, and personal aspirations on the other hand, and the balance between work and social life, with the need to provide the necessary health care to all employees, and create balance They are required, intellectually, physically, and emotionally

The employee of the Federal Government can communicate with the center, and request support and psychological and moral advice through one of the approved communication channels, which are: (e-mail FAHR@lifework.ae , Toll-Free number 800 - 543396757, and WhatsApp 052 939 6126


Salwa Abdullah

Director of Projects and Programs Department

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources