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FAHR:The Guide on Office Work Environment in light of Emergency Circumstances

Thursday June 11, 2020

Since the Coronavirus (CORVID-19) outbreak, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources has been making great efforts to protect the federal government employees’ health and safety from the consequences of the pandemic, and at the same time ensure the continuity of government work and service provision to the customers and stakeholders.


To achieve this goal, the Authority has taken a series of precautionary steps and procedures that would ensure business continuity and provision of services in a safe and secure work environment, taking advantage of the technological infrastructure and smart and electronic systems available to the Federal Government


Among the practical steps taken by the Authority under the  exceptional situation, the implementation of remote working for the Federal Government employees, on a partial basis at the beginning,  then increasing it to 100%. The step was followed by the development of the Guide to Remote Working and ensuring business continuity, through Remote Working guidelines and procedural measures under emergency circumstances, prepared in cooperation with the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future


The achievements continued during that stage, to organize government work. Arrangement were made to organize gradual return of Federal Government employees to their offices and workplaces, starting by 30% first, then 50%.  Preparation of the guidelines for office work environment in light of emergency conditions, came as an important step in creating a reference for the Ministries and Federal entities, with regard to following the instructions and tips on occupational health and safety, to protect the  employees and customers from any harm


The guidelines on the office work environment are a clear mechanism that helps the Ministries and Federal entities in securing  the highest occupational health and safety standards and requirements for their employees and customers alike. In this regard,   the Authority has issued a series of clear health instructions to maintain the health and safety of employees and their family members


The Guide is based on global best practices in addressing health crises, and observing occupational health and safety requirements in the workplace, according to a group of the most prominent international organizations and institutions concerned with human resources, occupational health and safety, disaster and epidemics management


The new Guide will help in providing the necessary instructions to ensure the health and safety of employees and customers in the workplace, as well as transfer the best public health practices, and create working environments that take into account the best and highest occupational health and safety standards


HE Aisha Khalifa Al Suwaidi

CEO HR Polices Sector, Human Resources Policies Sector

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources