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FAHR: Emirates Institutions compete to achieve the highest levels of happiness among its customers

Wednesday September 16, 2020

Competition is fierce between institutions of all kinds in the United Arab Emirates, to provide the best service to customers, and to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction and happiness. The culture of customer service is found in its best forms and manifestations in the UAE, not only at the level of the private sector and profit-making institutions, but also in government institutions

From here, you find many institutions set clear performance indicators regarding customer service, and are racing against time in developing new methods and channels that would facilitate them to communicate with them and obtain their services, within specific time frames, and in accordance with the highest standards of quality and excellence set in this regard, and to achieve Sustainable comprehensive development goals, and within economic growth

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources for example, has designated a group of channels for communication and provision of services to its customers, and it continues to strive to create new innovative channels that facilitate them and meet their aspirations, and raise their levels of satisfaction and happiness.  Among the most prominent of these channels (the Customer Happiness System that includes 16 Services, The unified Call Center 600525524, FAHR Smart App, the Virtual Assistant "Chat bot", in addition to various social media accounts, and other channels

Since the beginning of this year until the end of July 2020, the Authority received nearly 26,000 Technical Support requests and calls, through the Customer Happiness System and the associated unified Call Center.  The Authority launched the System in August 2019, as an interactive electronic platform in order to provide these services with high quality, and under one umbrella to the customers

Since the beginning of this year, FAHR has received more than 15,800 calls through the unified Call Center, and more than 10,000 support requests through the Customer Happiness System, 6,600 of which are related to technical support for the electronic Human Resources Systems that fall under the umbrella of the Human Resources Information Management System in the Federal Government "Bayanati" and 1,230 inquiries on Human Resources Laws, Policies and Legislation applied at the Federal Government level.  Also 350 requests related to awareness and training initiatives and 325 requests for support to the Job Evaluation and Description System in the Federal Government, as more than 97% of incoming applications were processed and closed, and the level of happiness about the mechanisms for dealing with the transactions reached more than 92%

Customers can request for any of FAHR services and track the request through the Customer Happiness System, getting the service and assessing the level of happiness.  Moreover, the system also provides results and real-time indicators about the progress of service provision processes


His Excellency Ibrahim Ahmed Fikri

Executive Director of Support Services Sector

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources