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FAHR ‘Employee Wellness Program’ promotes happiness in the work environment

Monday March 18, 2019

Ali Ahli, Director of Human Resources and Services Department, CEO of Happiness and Positivity in the Work Environment, confirmed that the Authority believes in its employees as the cornerstone of all achievements and the secret behind its success. For this reason the Authority worked hard to provide an ideal work environment, full of happiness and positive cooperation for its staff.

He said: “The Authority has launched several internal initiatives that have had a great impact on the empowerment of employees, and increasing their happiness, loyalty,   job satisfaction, as well as aspiring creativity and innovation” He cited Employee Wellness Program as the most important of these initiatives, explaining that it  consists of four initiatives, each of which includes a range of activities and projects: health initiatives, occupational safety initiatives, green environment initiatives and social initiatives.

Ahli added that in 2017, the Authority launched the Positive Employee Award to honor high performing employees who demonstrate positive attitudes to their work, and in order to reflect the Authority’s keenness to consolidate the concepts of employee wellness and happiness, strengthen their relationships, engage them in decision-making, and enhance their positive spirit through reading success stories as well as support their personal and professional development.

He said that the Positive Employee Award is granted to employees based on a set of attributes, most notably: the ability to make people happier, understanding the needs of others and assisting them, respecting others regardless of their ethnic backgrounds and traditions, expressing one’s thoughts positively, etc. Employees nominated for the award must be proactive, positive, cheerful, and able to motivate others, contribute to creating a positive work environment, work as one team, actively participate in the Authority’s internal and external initiatives and events.

The Director of Human Resources and Services said: “The Authority decided to involve all employees in nominating and selecting the positive employee by sending a story or a positive act by one of his colleagues at work to HR & Services Department.  The department will then choose a number of stories which meet the requirements of positive employee category, and circulate the same to the Authority staff to vote for the best story without revealing the source of the story”.

“Sa’at Safwa" (Hour of  Serenity) Initiative to strengthen communication  between management and  employee

Al Ahly spoke about "Hour of Safwa" initiative, launched by the Authority two years ago, and aims to strengthen communication and cooperation between management and various organizational units in the Authority, meet the needs of employees, and take note of their observations and views on  services provided by the Human Resources Department.

He explained that the idea of ​​the initiative is to hold a regular meeting, which brings together representatives of human resources and services department with employees of other departments within the Authority, to discuss ways to develop the services provided by the Human Resources Department to the Authority employees, and strengthen the positive relations between employees in order to increase their job satisfaction and workplace harmony.

Happiness Breakfast Gathering

The CEO of Happiness & Positivity at the Authority highlighted the Happiness Breakfast gathering which was launched by the Authority in 2012 as an ongoing ceremony representing a perfect opportunity that brings together employees and leadership, to review the latest developments, achievements, projects and future plans in a friendly atmosphere. He said that the event features recognizing outstanding employees and teams.

By organizing this ceremony, the Authority aims to enhance communication  between employees of different departments, grades and job titles, and expand among them in a non-traditional atmosphere.

Happiness & Positivity Session

Happiness & Positivity Session is considered one of the Authority’s major initiatives intended to enhance employee welfare. It involves holding an informal meeting with the Director General of the Authority, outside the official routine, to talk freely and discuss various topics of social and practical nature.

The Authority aims through "Happiness & Positivity initiative, to enhance the loyalty of employees, increase their lob satisfaction and workplace harmony, which will positively impact the quality of services provided by the Authority and thus raise customer satisfaction levels.

Maqassert Electronic Card

Maqassert Card is also an important motivational initiative for the Authority. is an electronic card exchanged by all of the Federal Government employees using the Smart App, to express appreciation of each others’ efforts and achievements. Employees receiving the largest number of e-cards are honored at the end of each month, at the Federal Government level. .

Maqassert e-Card initiative launched in 2013, aims to motivate Federal Government employees and encourages them to pay attention to the positive attitudes of each other, in order to create a stimulating work environment based on a culture of teamwork, outstanding performance, employee and customer happiness, creativity and innovation.

Rewards & Incentives System for Federal Government employees

Ali Ahly said that the Federal Government’s Rewards and Incentives system is another important initiatives at the Federal Government level. It helps create a stimulating work environment for employees and attract top talent. A line  manager can nominate his employees, any employee can nominate another employee or even nominate himself for any category of the system proposed by the Authority, and approved by the Council of Ministers in 2015.

The system recognizes the employees' efforts aimed at developing the  government system, enhancing institutional loyalty and encouraging teamwork. It also creates a unified approach for the ministries and federal entities in rewarding outstanding human resources they are working with financially and encourage employees to improve their performance and create an atmosphere of fair competition.

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