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FAHR Achievements

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources has released two books featuring its achievements and initiatives for the years 2010 and 2011, Both books were prepared by the Department of Government Communication at the Authority as annual reports, and were produced electronically in a remarkably attractive format.

Also issued a summary of the most prominent achievements during the first half of the year 2012.

The summary of the achievements of the first half of the year 2012, produced in a 15 electronic pages, including the methodology followed by the Authority in the completion of its projects and initiatives, and major activities prepared by the Authority and launched at the level of federal authorities.

The 2011 report appears in 170 pages of broadsheet, including opening statements and the institutional structure (Vision, Mission, Values, Strategic Goals, Organizational Structure), as well as a detailed description of 20 strategic initiatives and projects that have been achieved and launched by the Authority at the Federal Government level, in addition to a large number of activities and achievements during the year 2011.

The 2010 year book contains 48 broadsheet pages, and covers part of the Authority’s major initiatives and innovative projects at the level of the Federal Government for the same period.

Authority aims, through these report, to continue promoting the performance, meeting the challenges of developing it further, achieving its goals and initiatives and maintaining its sustained activities to attain the best levels of organizational performance, so as to keep pace with reality and change, and take advantage of all opportunities and potentials to improve the working environment at all levels.

The reports are being published and made available to the public to establish the principles of participation and transparency, and to provide a reliable source of information, and a reference for professionals and stakeholders.

12 FAHR Annual Report 2018 5.11MB Download
11 Key Achievements of the HumanResources Strategic Plan in the Federal Government 2011 - 2018 2.12MB Download
10 Key Achievements of the Government Human Resources Strategic Plan 2011- (First Half) 2018 2.05MB Download
9 FAHR Annual Report 2017 6.28MB Download
8 FAHR Annual Report 2016 8.31MB Download

FAHR Annual Report 2015

8.04MB Download
6 FAHR Annual Report 2014 5.71MB Download

FAHR Annual Report for the year 2013

3.25 MB Download

FAHR Annual Report for the year 2012

18.9MB Download

Summary of Achievements during the first half of the year 2012

7.97MB Download

FAHR Annual Report for the year 2011

17.3MB Download
1 FAHR Annual Report for the year 2010 28.8MB Download